"My grandfather and my father taught me that wine can only be made in one way: that is respecting nature and its cycles and, gently, accompanying the grapes in their becoming wine, without forcing and using chemicals. Now it's called natural wine, but for me it's only ever called wine and it's the only way I know how to do it."




Signora Luna was born from the deep passion for authentic wine and desire to experiment of Vincenzo Sulprizio, who after several professional experiences in Italy and abroad in the world of business communication decides to devote himself totally to a project that sounds like a real return to the origins.

Signora Luna was born in Tocco da Casauria in the province of Pescara, in the Abruzzo hinterland. 
The name "Signora Luna" evokes the peasant tradition, which is passed from father to son, of following the lunar cycles in the processing phases in the vineyard and cellar.

In the vineyard are carried out only treatments based on copper and sulfur. All fermentations are spontaneous and a non-interventionist philosophy is implemented. The wines decant naturally with the winter cold and no filtration and clarification is carried out.

"This is the only way to produce wine and, frankly, it is the only way I can do it"




From the vineyard to the cellar all processes are carried out in an uncompromising manner, respecting nature, the raw material and without interventionism.
The result are authentic wines, with unique aromas and scents, naturally generated only by the grapes.

Respect for the Nature
To those who ask why the capsule on the neck of the bottle is not used, Vincenzo replies:
"The answer is simple. The capsule is used, to date, for pure aesthetics.
It is an unnecessary plastic. Making wine in a "natural" way also means eliminating the superfluous. I have always been convinced that working sustainably is the only way.
 This is an important responsibility. Create something without impacting future generations. To leave to my children an unexploited and, perhaps, regenerated world".

It's not just about work. 
It is a deep passion, the result of an experience that starts from childhood, when we learned to harvest and produce wine by watching our grandparents and fathers. This know-how, that for years has remained kept in the baggage of experiences, has returned strong and more alive than ever, accompanying every phase of the Signora Luna project.